How do I care for my wreath or holiday product?

Our fresh noble products will offer several weeks worth of beauty when taken care of properly. Display in a dry location. Avoid direct heat and temperatures above 65 degrees F. Avoid temperatures under 35 degrees F. Christmas greens are beautiful when used indoors, just note they may dry more quickly, reducing longevity.

Fresh olive and magnolia products are hand made with fresh branches. These products are freshest within one week of arrival. Hang in a dry location. Avoid direct heat or sunlight. Best kept within 35-65 degrees F. In proper conditions, olive and magnolia will dry beautifully. Handle with care once dried to avoid breakage.


How will my holiday products be shipped?

We ship our products using FedEx Ground. 


What makes your wreaths different than others?

We use our signature High Mountain Blue Noble® as the base for all of our handcrafted noble wreaths. This noble is grown in the nutrient-rich, volcanic soil surrounding Mount St. Helens, where the cold winters and warm summers produce a silver-blue color, denser needle span and longer needle retention.

All of our wreaths are made from Continental Floral Greens grown products and produced specifically for your order, by hand. A hand tied wreath provides a higher quality construction than a mass-produced, crimped wreath.

All of our Western greens are grown in the wild, just as Mother Nature intended. We take great care of our land and resources so that we may harvest beautiful greens now and for generations to come.


What is your return policy?

We are confident you will enjoy the freshness and beauty of our products. If for any reason our product does not live up to this expectation, call us at 1-877-234-9272 or email us at holidaysales@cfgreens.com within 5 days of receiving your product to discuss exchange or return options.